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I can answer your questions, confirm your thoughts on a subject, tell you when you'll meet that special someone, and open your mind to your Guides and Angels messages to you. All my readings are guided not only by my Guides and Angels, but yours as well. What I am given is what I give you whether it's what you hope to hear or not. I have to do this because it's not my words I'm passing on. I look forward to helping you with your concerns. I will also answer any follow up questions in relation to the reading you get!


Angel Oracle Cards and many more to choose from $5
5 Yes/No Questions $5
10 yes/No Questions $8
6 Month Reading $15
1 Year Readings (2010-2011) $25
1 Question $5
3 Questions $10
Compatibility Reading $20
Full Numerology Reading $45
Spirituality Phone Reading with Tarot pull $15 for 30 minutes
In person Reading at my home $45 for an hour


> Destiny Number > Soul Number > Personality Number > Life Path Number
And More In Full Detail of Each Numbers Meaning In Your Life $45.00
Unlimited Questions (up to 40) $50.00

I'm Blessed For Being Able To Help You And Do So In Love!!!

Light and Love,

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My name is Melody and I live in North Carolina near Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC. I have been blessed to do Tarot Readings for 15 years. I'm expanding to ebay and this web site and am very happy to help you! My goal here is to help you in any way possible with the guidance of our Guides and Angels. If you need help talking to someone who has passed on, hypnosis, or Spiritual Healing, please visit my friend and mentor Angel at And for those who love spelled items, contact my friend, the number one spell caster in the world, Mary Dane at

Please feel free to contact me via email anytime at I look forward to helping you!

Your three questions ($10):